Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A simple fact..

I'm used to nitee life..
U can find me at Planet Hollywood..
6 days a week..
mostly nite shift..
I'm wearing socks for 10 hours..

My uniform stinks alot everynite..
my leg ache a lil..
my hair is smelly..
cause of
smoke smell..

I work ppl sleep..
I sleep ppl work..


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Command & Conquer pics..

all the pics be4 the party begins..
all the staff
& of course..

Great Nite..!!
i wish i wasn't working..

Friday, July 25, 2008

Party at Planet Hollywood 25th July 2008


Details: Report at 2200 Hours
25th July 2008

Orders: Come in your battle gear and your drink is on us...
Don't forget to bring back up....

Win best dressed G.I. JOE & G.I. JANE


Call 03-2144 6602 For Futher Instructions

Thursday, July 24, 2008


okay okay..
the 1 and only kaki for..
yum cha early in the morning..
or should i say..
VICTIM..!!dun mind bout me behind..

Joe aka Hock Ann aka onnchai
already being routine for few days huh..??
mamakin early in the morning is better..
fresh air..
less crowd..
the drinks taste better.. lol..

sick season round the corner..??
ppl pls take care..
i'm 80% recovering i guess..
lots more ppl still sick..

Aunty's coming back from overseas..
Cousin's wedding juz next week..
Bali trip the following week..
who wants to go Bali wid me..??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ladies Nite(Wednesday) at Planet Hollywood..

the usual crowd expected on wednesday..
Ladies nite..
today not bad lar..
but ppl left so early..?
economy prob muz be.. lol..
but the good thing is..
i meet back a few friends..

Zul who's selling new Merc-Benz..
he's from Sri Garden..

Kuan who's being Below 42 promoter..
she's from SMK Tmn Connaught..

Dato Ishak..
who's my dad's good friend..

a return customer who is..
Timurwest Consultant

wad a nite..
but closing today was also super fast..
15 minutes to clear up the whole restaurant...
the 1st time in Planet Hollywood.. lol.
geee.. i'm having off tomoro..
any1 yum cha or pool..??

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A normal day to start off work Evening shift..
there goes my nite life.. lol.
6-3 all day..
today was a little slow..
raining a lil..
less customers..
lots a problem..

yesterday went movie wid Lin..
suppose to have Reagan,Philly,Hui & Ryan..
all working morning the next day..
so nvm la.. lol..
we watched

The Dark Night..

hmmm.. no comment on the show..
perhaps its more to the action side..
waitin for more movies..
saw some previews..
cool movies coming out soon..
who wanne join me..?
or who wanne treat me go watch..?? lol..

I'm into yum cha lately..
Early yum cha.. around 3am..??
do call me if ur free or havent sleep..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wad a Sunday..?

today as i was headin to work..
work on sunday means peace rite..?
less ppl on bus..
less traffic..
i took metro 62 down..
heard lots of stuff bout bus being robbed..
in fact aNn's blog got sumthin bout it..

i was sleepy due to tiredness..
so dozed off once awhile in the bus..
reach Pudu..
loads of ppl came up..
a lil strange on Sunday..
but who cares..

i started to hear noises..
some talking very loudly..
some acting like monkey shaking the bus..
so i realised..
the bus is being robbed..
around 10 assholes i guess..
cant get exact numbers..
started to shout at ppl..
passed majestic no ppl came up..
thanks to the ticket checker guy..

the fella behind me was the next victim..
i started to find my wine opener which has blade..
a sharp 1.. lol..
hid it in my bag..
when they almost reach pudu jail..
they shouted at me to get up..
i said..
"Tak ya la.."
1 fella wanne grab me to get up..
so i reacted by punching his nose..
hahaha..(like this pic but without glove n stuff..)

they got down so i wasnt robbed..
think back also funny la.. lol.

Dayang's Show tonite at Planet Hollywood Bukit Bintang.. Go check it out..!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

pic taken during summer splash..


we need a gathering/dinner/clubbin/
yum cha/movie/sports..
sunthin la..
Loads of stuff happened..

Update each n every1.. lol..
if not..
Sept some go Bangkok la..
Lazyin at home la..
away la..
not free la..
no mood la..
need rest la..
not nice la..
sien la..
far la..
wait sem start la..
this la.. that la..

We need party be4 sem starts..

i'm having a few restless nights..
can some1 help me..?
warm water wont help..
medicine no no..
spells wont work too..
but Prayers does..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yes ppl.. its true..
results are out..
Term 4 results is out..

get ready for the worst..

yea.. i was shocked..
i failed passed term 4..
it was like a lil impossible la.. but i passed.. lol.. yea yea.. i failed economics and accounting.. already guessed it will happen.. lol.. at least my studies part 4 now is relieved.. many more things to worry bout.. aiks..

life is so hurtful when ur missing a piece..
things u usually do..
which u cant do..

I'll wait..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The updates..(Edited)

ok.. here goes..
i'm still sick.. lol..
life's great.. ups n downs..
Happy 18th Birthday to Viona Foo Yuet Peng..!!
Happy Belated 18th Birthday to her again..!!
Great party.. eat 66..
drinking all the way.. hmm..
pictures.. go to aNn's or Cass's blog la.. lol..
i dont have the photos..
busy drinking not busy taking pictures..
damn many candid photos..

pic wid the Birthday Girl(Viona) & Hadwin
Nite shift is done for 2 weeks de ler..
thank God this week i'll be in for morning shift..
which means sleep early.. wake up early..
no yum cha yum cha..
but i guess that wouldnt stop me..
lets c..
after my internship..
my birthday..
i dunno wad i should o this time..
mayb i rather spend the nite wid YOU..
then the whole month of sept fat mou-ing.. lol..

Everythin stays the same..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm sick for 2 3 days..
better i guess.. lol..
updates soon..