Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Birthday..

ok lets c..
i've planned sumthin on birthday/merdeka eve..
sumthin big..
canceled cause thinking to have a simple stuff..
mana tau got surprised bbq..
ok nvm.. canceled the simple gathering..
hours later..
bbq canceled cause cant get place..
lazy to think..
i juz followed my cousin up to Genting..
yea.. countdown at genting..
sumthin new huh..??
got home around 6 sharp..
church at 9..?? lol.. GG..

Nothin much during the day..
nite.. whoa..
giler sial..
i was a victim of "cream facial"..
i'll let the pics explain..

face & hair damn oily..
they did this madness at Teluk Gong(Klang)
the whole place was like literally..
stop eatin to watch wad happen to me..
KNS! sial.. hahaha..

Happy Merdeka..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

28th August (Part 2)

The day started off with Dragon-i for lunch..
3 pax.. mE,mUm & elder bro..
Its at leisure mall.. near to my house..
food.. ok la.. not as nice as last time..
Next stop is no more Dragon-i i presume..
Canton-i perhaps.. lol..

Here comes dinner..
5pax.. mE,mUm,2 bros & elder bros gf..

Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant

Shark Fin's Soup..Prawn sumthin la.. hahaha..

i forgotten the name..
busy eating so not much pics taken..
after eating headed to KLIA to send my elder bro off..
GoodBye Wilson..
Ur Gf cried though.. hahaha..

Car was running out off petrol..
wilson's gf is not home yet..
ahhh.. i jz decided to drive on.. hahaha..
who cares..!! lol..
indeed.. i reach home safely..
still i don't want to pump petrol..
next day la.. hahaha..

28th August..

First of all..
Happy Birthday to my MUM..!!
Love u lots..

A Happy Birthday to Melody Chang Kar Lei
i remember cause its the same as my mum's.. lol..
Stolen pic from her blog.. hahaha..
God Bless YoU always..

Tonite i shall update with more pics..

Monday, August 25, 2008

This few days..

this few days..
things tend to go the other way..
or should i say..
problem in life keep coming up..
but still its part of us..
it's in the life-cycle..

avoiding is useless..
things that have already happen..
cannot be reversed..
find a damn solution..!!

Nites ago i felt like having a tendency..
a tendency to go for a car ride..
to have some fresh at midnight..
dint make it though..
mayb some other nites..

i'll be heading down college..
tag along if u want 2..
should be there till nite time..
still i have no idea what time to go..
Meeting up JC & SJ..
LG & Bryan..
Tingy and Piggy..

August 31th plans by Joe has been changed..
to 30th August..
i cannot confirm..
might be going to Ipoh, Terrengganu or Johor..

Ciao ppl.. Take good care of urself.. Do horn me if u c me speeding driving on the road..
lolz.. Call me.. I'm free.. hahaha..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a lil update from mE..

It's been awhile since i update..
jz a lil tired after work each nite..
had a few hard days at work..
pack with customers..
different type of customers..
Trainings gonna end soon..
wads the plan after that..??
i think we should have some gathering..

Its August month..
so it means my birthday is nearer.. lol.
I'm wondering how to celebrate..
Mayb not celebrating..
Hang out wid some friends if i'm not working..
Countdown..?? neh..
traffic jam everywhere.. lol..
Countdown myself la..

Joe aka Onnchai suggested 31st nitte go some pub..?
whos interested ask him bout it.. lol..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday's life..

Piggy u ffk me...
nothin to say..
meet at 12 hor..

10+ Meet up wid Cass & Viona
at Old town white coffee tmn midah..
had a lil discussion on religion & ghost..
drink awhile then went down Sunway..

Meet up wid Reagan though..
waited 4 his break while,
my car went through waxing..??

approximately 2pm Reagan came out..
was deciding where to eat..
we walked about then headed to Subway..
had footlong sandwiches..
yummy.. hahaha..

then headed off to work around 4.30
work as usual lor..
not very busy..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PHKL 12-08-08

it was jz a random pic shot after work..
after this pics..
a few of us stayed back..
we played..
PS2..(Winning Eleven)

also wid our manager Don..
i reached home around 7.30am..
definitely a fun time..
should do this more often.. lol..

Friday, August 8, 2008

The YES post..

Yes i'm back from Bali..
Yes no 1 came n fetch me..
Yes i took taxi home..
Yes i havent blog bout the trip yet..
Yes the trip was damn fun..
Yes i will return there..
Yes my mind was so clear..
Yes i had a relaxing time..
Yes i have massage 2 days straight..
Yes i do need more massage..
Yes i bought some stuff..
Yes not 4 u..
Yes i bought myself a Absolut Pears..
Yes Godiva chocolate too..



Sunday, August 3, 2008


my cousin's wedding is over..
drank a lot though..
still got plenty..??
feel like drinking more.. lol..
pics will be updated ASAP..
busy drinking also.. hahaha..

in a few more hours..
here i come.. lol..
i'm still packing my stuffs..
dunno whether should i bring my laptop..
mayb i should.. hmmm..
c how la later if i remember.. lol.

pics should be taken la..
if i'm not lazy ler.. lol..
souvenirs.. c how la..
my pocket no holes then should be ok de la..
mayb a lil wind from Bali is good enuf..

yes.. i do MISS u..
my mind is so confusing..
so much stuff yet meaningless..
going wid the flow..

i'm gonna continue packing..
updates if available..