Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life's road is so not straight!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year is just tomoro.. wtf.. lol..
so fast man.. but but the thing is..
i've already started drinking like nobodys business..
not cause i want to but cause i was following my dad..
yes the 1 that flew thousands of miles back to malaysia..
over days of flight via Emirates.. hahaha...
I "telan" the whole cold heineken big bottle myself..
leave oout the not-so-cold carlsberg 4 my dad.. lol..
oh Chinese New Year.. i'm so gonna behave myself.. lol...
i find this kinda nice.. so gonna drink it..

College was ok ok la.. passed up my form for final examinations..
I'm taking BM btw.. lol..
IT report or Industrial Training Report kills me sial..!!
2 days to complete 5 months of training inside 19 pages..?
with limited resources i did passed it up late though.. hahaha
better than nothing rite..?? at least my CNY is not so hectic.. lol..
will update when & if & ONLY if i got the time.. lol..

Happy Chinese New Year ppls...!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

I felt so happy with CNY coming around so soon..
mostly my family members are back in town..
my Dad, my cousin.. too bad my bro cant come back.. lol..
ang pows ang pows.. waitin to get more money..
perhaps MOD my car..?? lol..
i seriously need money to support myself..
cannot be dependent on parents too much huh..??
good week of holidays..
plenty of..
food, visiting, soft drinks, alcohol & liqour..
less of..
vitamins, good diets, water..
LOL! XD.. so gonna gain weight more..

but in the same time i felt not happy wid CNY round the corner..
somethings juz keep bugging me...
perhaps i felt not in the mood for a holiday..??
study ok ok la.. not diistracted though..
mayb i'm going through men's PMS...?? could be i guess..
surviving a college life where..
i sleep less than 6 hours..
i stay up for the rest of the hour of the day...
assignment gonna pile up soon..
i better get some sleep before i crash out.. zzZZzz


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i barely passed my term 5 exam lar wei...
hahaha.. failed two subject though..
but still ok la..
guess i put too much effort on practical..
muz balance back my theory classes..

today had beer tasting for my theory classes..
and i tasted 9 different kind of beers..
i guess there is only 1 conclusion 4 me..
it all taste like WATER!! lolx..


Sunday, January 11, 2009

yes.. i found back some old pics dated sumwhere octocber..??
hahaha.. i guess i was trying to fit into the pic last minute.. lol..

And for some reason the next pic looked kinda stupid though..


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things juz get from worst to complicated..
I really suck at it..
Having the hardest time in life..
Myself is only the 1 to be blamed..
From becoming noisy till quiet..
A drastic change in self personality..
I cant do anything about it..
Juz pray and ask GOD for help..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year 2009..
Celebrated Mabel's birthday at Gardens Italianiess...
I dint take pic of the food..
no time 4 it.. every1 juz grabed.. hahaha..
yeah.. started to induldge the 1st Beer for 2009..
and it started off wid Heineken..
Birthday Girl(the guy in the middle wearing a dress) wid the guys..

When there's party..
always got after party ma.. lolx...

so off we go to POPPY! 1st time clubbing in 2009... lolx..
pix explains all..

Yes i agree.. She's hwaattttt...!! Dun remember her name though.. *sorry*
Murphy & GF...
Headed to Petaling Street for wantan mee & lo shi fun..
kinda miss the food there... delicious nia..
College in 12 more hours..??
FELT like going back college soon but at the mean time ..
ahhhh... screw it la..