Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How does it feels like to carry a young boy to his parents?
weight around 20+/- kgs
who is super cute..
so good at talking & dancing..
so lovable..
so so so cute cute..
with an attitude..
carrying him from the seas..
when its damn low tide at PD beach..
Port Dickson to be precise..
walking/running doesn't matter..
under the hot sun..
u were topless & with the shades on..
super freaking hot sun..
u felt just stopping..
drop the poor boy..
but cannot la wei...
continue to rush to parents..
ur eyes can see..
but still so far & hard to reach..
as it gets nearer & nearer..
u finally reach..
the mother suddenly ask wad happen...
u put him down..
and explain like this..
after riding the banana "BOAT"..
not the banana..
but the boat..
the mother laughs and he is dizzy-ing there...
grabs a cold beer and gulps it down..
wad an exercise..

church camp was fun though.. hahaha
3days2nite at PDGCC..
Port Dickson
Golf & Country Club..
a camp to remembered..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Cheryl Chua...!!
we had dinner at Tropicana City Mall..
the food was so so la as the service wise quite slow i have to say...
this is the only pic i captured that night...

Happy Birthday also to Caryne Chang...!!
Sorry lar couldn't make it to ur workplace.. hahaha
Really planned to go down but got some emergency.. lol...
Present still here la so u need to come collect okie.. hahahhaa
no pic.. i dun have ur pic... >.<

Well.. Happy Birthday to any1 i dint mention... lol...

My Princess Twisty is at Penang!! omg..
i miss her so so much lar...
i came home just now i wanted to shout her name..
but.. i suddenly remember.. she's not home.. lol..
2 pic of her be4 grooming..
forgotten to take pic after grooming...
she looks pretty.. and cute cute cute...
i miss her so... hahahaha

College starting soon...
sien lo..
TIS also havent start do..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just a lil update...
yea.. they flew off..
my dad.. for a month to be back..
my bro.. another year..
but we'll be going there to c him 1st...
at KLIA..
so big commotion until i have to snap a pic..
walao... this pic a..
newspaper also dont have u know..
c for your self lo...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

As i promised..
my birthday pictures... haha..
jus a few of it la.. nothing much actually...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First of all...

A big THANKS to all who wished me on my birthday!
Facebook messages.. SMS... lol..

I went up to Cherating to celebrate my birthday with my parents..
It was a blast with free flow of Tiger Beer, 100 Plus & Seamaster water.. lol..
not forgetting 100++ Kerteh Hash members who wished me.. lol..
pictures should be posted on the next post i hope as i try to retrive the pics from my bro's cam..
here is two picture i took using my phone while my dad was driving up...
My elder bro & Cheryl....

Not forgetting my lil niece.. Twisty! i miss her so much.. hahhaa