Monday, December 28, 2009

Be4 Christmas and after Christmas...
so.. i did went and delivered a "10K KARAT Diamond Ring" at Bangsar...
but before sending it i failed to grab 3 boxes of red wine on sale as i was told of wrong timing... hahaha...
lucky i havent went home early if not the ring will karat at my house.. hahah..

Poker "KING" nite at Foo's house.. i dont have any pic on this but...
its always good to have an enterprise in this game.. hahaha..
its already the second round.. so i'm waiting for the 3rd round on january..
oh ya.. i took one pic.. ahahha..
Mr.Ng Kay Shaun

24th at my Godmother's house as usual.. and no i dint take pic as my phone is always on low battery during the nite times.. haha..
beer.. liqour.. wines.. yeap.. its a bad combination..
i stayed back to clean up and drink again...
this time i reached home at 4.30am...

i woke up at 5.30am to go up to Cameron Highland for a family trip..
so its only one hour sleep.. omg.. haha..
four cars went up...
and no.. i dint take pic also..
free time i'll either be playing monopoly or playing with Christon... the lovely dovey baby boy...
hahha.. 2 nights of self made steamboat with the best quality of foods..
no wonder i'm gaining weight.. hahah..
so its more like a beer fest.. hahha..
beer all three days? LOL..

came down have lunch and drink again...
then went to cousin's to have another beer...
then my house again for another round of beer & liqour..
so..? conclusion is still alcohol fest? hahhaha..

btw.. that nite itself also...
Kitz house for his birthday Steamboat again..
i guess i wont take steamboat this week i hope? hahaha
& the only pic i took...
Chingz Birthday Present pose....

thats all~

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This holidays is really killing me...
not the whole day but the whole afternoon...
morning usually i sleep till brunch as i stayed up for PSP? wth..
evening was slow then ever & there's no better show in TV..
nite is filled with crazy-ness.. usually i go out after 10.. hahha.. or earlier..
and comes back early.. lol.. damn early..
its just the fun of it..
experience the nite life again.. hahaha






so i'm still waiting for DIMSUM & the SWIMMING plan...

i've completed the whole week nite out.. xD
just nite.. morning does not count.. hahaha