Sunday, January 31, 2010

hmmm.. i havent blog for a long time..
mayb because of something happen last week..
screw them anyway.. i'm still gonna live my life like normal..

Today i went to KL Convention Centre for my friend's graduation...
Mr. Wong Joon Chian!

i got this pic from some1 la.. credits to the photographer!
together with BoB & mr manager of lights...
i got pic of them but i'm gonne be dead if i post it up lo.. hahaha

i saw Max & Josh as well.. & Ms. Hau Yee..
senior course mates as well..
last but not least..

Ms.Caryne Chang Kay Shin..
at last saw u after so long sesat.. should be u sesat la.. lol...
Happy Graduation!

Lets go for GOLF!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I just hate this feeling..
Its you i cared for..

I care for u more..
even more...

I dont know how to describe..
Dont ask me explain..
Its so just like that...


Monday, January 11, 2010

i tell you what is cute...
this cannot compare to the cute-ness of a girl..
even though ppl says the girl is pretty and cute..
no no.. not a chance..
for boys.. cute..
no no.. lose 100% la..

so what is cute?
look at the pic..

this is what i call CUTE~!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

1 Malaysia..
I personally think its going sideways...
till now 4th church is being attacked using molotov...
smashing up the windows..
how can the safety of ppl be assured?
childrens.. youngsters..

Now reports says that they are smashing cars..
cars with Christians banner.. Bibles..
they should be ashamed of themselves for doing such childish acts..

The thing i can say is..
They may burn churches or smash car windows..
They can never ever smash my God..
not even smashing my Faith in Him!

only COWARDS does all this..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just a lil bit of updates...
yes.. my car's mileage.. 77777KM for a 4 year car..
i capture this on sunday nite if i'm not mistaken..
hmmm.. driving & modding this car..
fuel saver... hahha.. fast? very slow la..
cant chase even a kenari! lol...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009.. summary... (forced post)
there shouldn't be any summary... LOL..

I finally graduated Diploma In Hotel Management (Specialization on F&B)..
i had a wonderful trip to Redang Islang with my whole batch.. almost whole batch bt still it was fun!

Start of the new semester for Higher Diploma in the same course.. hahahaha

Ending of april is where i went to Kuantan for my internship!
Hyatt Regency Resort Kuantan...
3 months but i came back after 2 months...
its good experience with bad ones as well...

yes its my birthday month! The cake above was either sponsored by my dad or his friends...
i love it very much.. one of the biggest cake i ever had with such decorations... its the pic at the header.. basically celebrated with 100++ people during the Merdeka Special Run by Kerteh Hash House Harriers!


resumed my studies term 5~
is also one of the nasty handing up of the Industrial Training Report..
with loads of assignments...

Finish exams...
Drinking session or should i say POKER "KING" with the ssg's!
I've been drinking everynite.. omg..
Christmas Day was at Cameron Highland with family & relatives...
New Year eve.. bbq with relatives la wad else..
Spend time with family lo!!

Btw.. still drinking till today.. hahaha

Jan 2010.. start of the doom as term 6 finals.. GG liao...
so many holidays in between... u think can concentrate ah?
New Year new resolution..

2009's resolution completed almost all.. but.. will bring forward the uncompleted 1...
hope this year goes well.. my mind is... so.... so... soo.... sooooo.... so.... dunno... haha..