Friday, July 2, 2010

yes... finally i update my blog... hahahha
kinda busy doing nothing the past few weeks
morning at home be good boy but at nite mamak
just to watch the world cup..

other than that i did do part time jobs to earn some income..
cant live without any money coming in.. hahahaha
most particular is Heineken Green Space served by Aubergine!

still doing jobs with them tho.. hahaha
pictures credits to David!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wokay... i back froom holidays....
havent been updating the blog..
still havent get all the pics & lazy to transfer from the camera...

Sat celebrated kenneth's 21st birthday...
BBQ with also some mihun & curry chicken...
the 21st goal was achieved..
he's drunk & high...
thats what a birthday boy must get eh?

Niagara Falls was awesome..
u pay to get bath... LOL!
it was so cooling & the night is freezing...
we walked outside at nite for only 15 minutes then we took the car to drove around.. lol.. funny sial...
hmmm... its a place you should go..
i personally do like the 1st picture.. hahaha

I'm back here & still waiting for my Degree intake on July!
another month or so to go? damn..
hmmm... mayb i should start doing researches..
exercise more?
eat more?
yum cha more?
aiyo.. it could get reallly bored the whole day at home.. hahahahha

Your the sparkles in my life right now..
wonder how long will it last??

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

firstly.. I'm back at Michigan now! hahaaha..
Driving to Chicago tomoro..
& just got back from Canada..

I 1st time i'm at Michigan was to attend my bro's Graduation..
This is his wings.. Flying Wings!

My elder brother Wilson - The Graduate & official jobless guy..
His GF Cheryl Chua...
He needed a lil help in getting his tie on.. hahaha...
while my father looked on..

all these while here i'm just eating my way around..
i think its better compared to KL though.. hahahha
big portion.. but i cant finish it..
have to tapao! aahahahha

Head on to Canada - CN Tower! went up at nite thou so dint take much pic there...
not bad.. hahha
in the pic Cheryl is trying for a jump shot.. hahaha
i actually wanted to get the tower from a distance...
Casa Loma the castle..
its want in one of the rooftop tower..
the stairs is so steep.. hahaha
just trying to take a random pic!

thats all so far.. might just extend my stay thou but still deciding!
hmmm... heading Chicago then Dallas the next day..
Shopping or just eating?? hahahha

Monday, April 26, 2010

9 more hours to go...

so kiss & smile for me
tell me that you're wait for me
hold me like you're never let me go
cause i'm leaving on a jet plane...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

okay so here it goes...
as a favor for my friend Ms.Joanne Chew...
she's joining the petsmore photo contest so she needs likes at her photo..
so it would not bother you for 2 minutes to like the photo...
thank you for your support on her behalf.. LOL!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Criston Boy! he's super duper cute & teeths are growing..
he has the cute look that will kill..
sad look that will melt ur heart..
u will just want to hug him..
play with him...
but looking at him sleep..
so adorable...
J├Ąger, he's 3 months + and getting bigger each day..
can really pin u down in the coming months.. hahaha
sometimes shows the sad looking face..
but he likes to bite stuff...
waiting for him to get bigger...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

babies are just so adorable.. hahaha...
Christon especially.. just wanne hug him always.. hahaha

I desperately wanne go for a holiday but...
alone sucks la.. hahaha
one pair one pair.. i'm alone.. damn..
will u go with me? hahaha

missing till the stars shows up & hide at times..