Sunday, December 30, 2007


XD.. i got nothin else better to say wad i did today.. but.. haha.. yesterday i got this idea.. It's call free promoting.. hahaha.. i was at Endah Parade Carrefour(not promoting this also)..

At this shop..

So.. this is my aunt's shop.. sellin hair n beauty products.. good quality products n lots of good item with reasonable item.. hahah.. i use some of the product too.. hahaha.. Try it out la.. hav a look.. but no discount if u say my name la.. no use cos i'm not the owner la.. zzz.. but.. i got pic of my lil cousin bro(Kendrick).. nice name huh..?? haha.. he's playful..
look at all the chocolate at his hand n face.. hahaha.. super playful la.. handsome lil cousin.. lolz.. XD

Friday, December 28, 2007

life goes on..

lets c.. 3rd post.. today.. woke up like 12++.. so late..?? cause i slept late.. this few days juz doesnt have good nite rest.. but still i manage to make myself sleep around 6 hours at least.. haha.. today.. went to midah to vist my grandmother but she out wid my lil cousin.. my other cousin still there so went out 4 lunch la at 3pm.. XD.. late lunch btw.. chat awhile then headed to giant to buy sum stuff.. i had no intention to buy stuff but still temptation is there.. lolx..
haha.. not everythin is mine.. some of them is..
XD hmmm.. no wonder i keep gaining weight.. i think i'll lose in a diet battle.. y go on diet..? eat ppl eat..!! diet makes ppl suffer.. ahahahaz.. 6pack is not a desired tummy to be slept on.. lol.. 6-in-1 is the ideal 1 la.. soft,bouncy n most of all.. comfortable... haha.. excuse me for my crappy behaviour.. it's in me.. enjoy ur last few days of 2007 ppl..
Forget the bad,Treasure the memories..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

another single day

hmmm.. crap la wei.. so damn boring n lonely.. i wonder how i'm going to survive.. well.. received Bryan's msg yesterday.. ask me to do a gathering.. sorrie la bro.. lazy plan la.. new year eve summore.. i may n may not have plans.. i'm still waitin 4 confirmation.. haiz.. Kar Lei=Melody... same same la.. no difference.. hahaha.. still.. this laughter is juz typin.. how i wish its real.. aiks.. its still part of my journey.. i have to face it.. go with it.. God noes wads coming next.. PLS.. help me through it.. anyway.. lets hope i can use this blog morre often la.. i bet i'm gonna use it everyday.. mayb pic next time..

Days till end of 2007

Hmm.. lets c.. my 1st post on this blog.. supposingly i should be sleepin but i dont noe y i'm startin a blog.. juz feel like it cause i cant go out n shout everythin out.. well... who cares.. anyway.. Christmas.. moody crap.. feel so left out.. havent receive any call that i expected.. i cant even call.. sigh.. life.. argghh... Christmas eve was worse talkin bout it.. somethin has to be hold.. a time off.. dint expect it to come.. i respect it.. accept it better than being avoided.. rather than pushing or makin matter worse.. i really really had a long long talk.. i juz wish everythin goes back to the way it used to be.. i noe regrettin now is useless.. i'm tryin my best to change 4 the better sake of myself.. no1 will ever notice.. mayb its juz not enuf, i myself feel so.. juz few more days till end of 2007.. i dont want anymore scar on year 2007.. i already have enuf.. i hope that things goes well for 2008.. really damn hard to go through 1 single day alone.. anyway.. i'll try to post more n change this fugly lookin blog..