Thursday, May 29, 2008

randomness 5

hmmm.. this few days.. rushing loads n loads of assignments.. siens... still got pendings assignments.. aikx.. next monday service.. i manager.. sei tak yan tor lor.. lol.. hahaha.. Food Science assignment due tomoro.. Economics also due tomoro.. French next week.. Sales & Marketing also next week.. aiya.. em, finals coming.. walau.. i still playing.. hahha.. study study.. no redbox.. no neway.. no movies.. no continuous movie(i'm watchin now).. lol..

Em, ppl in life is unpredictable.. different kind of ppl in different kind of places.. no1 is perfect.. thats the truth in life.. Except 4 God.. but hey.. life's like this.. hahaha..

Cheese Cake anyone..? lol..

Friday, May 23, 2008


I was SHOT big time..!!


random-ness 4

well.. another day at college where i passed up some of my assignments.. fuuu.. i seriously need break.. lol.. my dad will be coming back home soon.. hehehe.. yea.. em.. class today was.. errr.. "exciting" & "full".. keke.. so.. i got some precious drawing on my Food Science paper which i have to pass up next week from Hui.. lol.. eatin cendol will make ppl go crazy huh..?? hahaha..

Dun play play ah.. this pic cannot get edi lar.. lol.. =.="

But.. do go the her blog c my video..?? lol.. crap wei.. i oso dunno wad happen to me.. i can talk liek pro seller.. lol..

Monday, May 19, 2008

random-ness 3

juz another post be4 i sleep 4 tonite.. aiks.. assignments are really killing me up.. till now its not finish.. Business English is due tomoro but but.. it not completed.. cause of some stuff.. wth.. pls.. omg.. inform others if ur not doing it.. zzz.. i'm 101% pissed now.. i'm lost.. cant even think wad to do now.. zzz.. Can anyone help me out.. i so screwed.. aiks.. hmmm..

words cant really show wads my true feeling now.. it's more than words.. more than wad i said.. emm, words are loud but actions is the best thing to prove it.. less than a month.. i have my hols .. my term 4 exam.. n also 1 month till my next Industrial Training.. aiks.. loads of stuff are in my way.. i juz cant wait till that day come.. my life would be brighter.. mayb everythin will go as it seems more perfectly..

My life currently..
  • stressful..
  • nothing new..
  • lonely(as usual)
Ok.. i need more affective exercise.. since mostly started complaining i'm fat.. l=_=l" i'm not fat ok.. i need get bigger size so i can build up my muscle.. lol.. bout the tummy.. comfortable ok.. at least i still can run faster than most of u.. LOL..!! JK nia!! okay okay.. i gotta sleep de.. lotsa stuff in my mind.. better to doze off n hope that tomoro is better.. ZzzZzZZzz.. nitez ppl..

random-ness 2

I've been tagged by aNn..

6 things I'm passionate about;
  • God
  • myself
  • Cars
  • music
  • sports
  • people

6 things I say too often;
  • crap
  • shit~
  • wth
  • dot dotzz
  • kns
  • deng~
6 books I've read recently;
  • Cafe Creme

6 songs I could listen to over & over again;
  • Low - T-pain ft Flo Rida
  • Church - T-pain
  • Jay Chow - Wo Bu Pei
  • Beautiful Saviour - Planet Shakers
  • Bei Ban - Gary
  • Stop & Stare - One Republic

6 things I learnt for the past year;
  • Work & study is different
  • Save more money
  • Be urself
  • take everythin the same way
  • appreciate everythin
  • enjoy to the max
6 people to tag;
  • Melody C
  • Melody Ng
  • Lin
  • Cat
  • Hui
  • Phily

Friday, May 16, 2008


1.Badminton Competition at 8am tomoro..
2.Sum car rally orientation after badminton..
3.Business English advertisment
4.Restaurant Tech Marketing ideas...??
5.Malaysian Studies photo..??

such a wonderful time i'm having now.. hectic rite.. i'm gonna die soon.. lol.. surprises is coming up soon.. keke.. so..?? i need some plans.. hmmm.. it's not the same.. hehe.. u were here then.. then now gone.. later on back again.. lol.. 55 la.. Tu Me Manques.. so so so much.. lol..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

random-ness 1

lol.. i dunno wad to update..!!
no ideas so far..
nothin much happen lately...

assignments.. pilling up to be handed in..
due date all damn close..
i guess it really gonna take up all my time..

monday no service cause wesak.. so..
i got 2 weeks in total..
RM for the next service..
pls help me peeps..

I need some rest..!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


hmmm.. jz have time to update a lil.. need to sleep.. kekeke.. well.. Fri,sat, sun went Melaka to do assignments.. zzz.. drove down wid Ash & Imran.. lol... stayed at atika's grandparents house.. it was fun .. especially the lunch time eatin CHicken Rice Balls.. it only took 10 of us 10minutes to finish up 90 balls, 1 1/2 chicken & 2 plate of vege.. lol.. we were like hungry ghosts eatin all of those food but it was realy really good stuff.. kekekex.. we walked around the city almost the whole day de..

well.. I would like to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my godmom n all other mothers on this earth.. lol.. words cant describe how grateful i am to u for taking care of me.. hehehe.. went redbox wid my family n other cousins..

today.. got restaurant practical service.. it was a long long day wid lots of technique to learn n also apply to it.. we have
wine opening

flame the steak
prepare the sauce

mango carving
mango flambee

it was long but its seriously a good experience to have.. not many mistake was done but somehow it wasnt perfect.. lol.. i did manage to made a big flame.. kekekez.. well.. thats so far for these few days.. will update pics next time... hehehe..

*in my heart i'm longing..*

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Lol.. sorrie 4 da late updates.. was kinda lazy n busy in da same time.. kekekz..

currently lonely.. =(

Assignments are really killing me big time ler..

Malaysian Studies = Melaka
Food Science = HACCP
Business English = Sunway Lagoon
S&M = video/audio/paper work..??
Restaurant Tech = paperwork..
French = no idea..
Economics = no idea..

So.. any1 a lil help pls..?? lol.. kekekez.. due date all damn close to each other.. so.. help out pls.. LOL... Roadtax juz renew.. lol.. over for 5 days de.. Due to unforseen circumstances of course.. i manage to settle today.. lol.. hmmm.. this weekend going Melaka 4 da assignments...

em, still not even a month.. but i'm feeling abit moody.. nothin is going to change.. it will remain the same then n also the same now n later.. kekez.. i guess this pic describe me best.. lol.. in a corner day dreaming.. Tu me manques..!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Factor that affects life..

1 of the factors that affects life..

every1 has to live through this factor everyday..
so do I..
i'm consider BROKE..
wid more n more
-notes..(eats ups my money..)

walau... this month is gonna be hard to go through..
ehhehe.. any1 willing to spend me..??
JK nia..