Friday, March 26, 2010

just round the corner & yet..
still partay? haha...
i believe the secret is dun stress up urself..
take a break be4 exams.. dun study till last minute..
u wont remember so much might as well rest..
go plaayy... partay... makan makan... hahahha

Easter is coming up! i do believe mostly every church will have something on..
my church will be having dramas & also singing..
part of the yearly process where every1 will be busy with something..
what about you?
i'm gonna be busy with Easter & exams together.. nice la..

F&B workshop & Kitchen Practical...
both worst stuff.. i hope i could manage through the Kitchen practical..
yesterday performance was so so only with the lamb rack...
dint take pics.. its sumthin like a trials.. zzzz

lasty.. a few pic to lighten up my emo day...
i'm starting to have PMS? LOL!!
just kidding...!

Monday, March 22, 2010

today i took ktm from coll to home...
it was already a tiring day for me..
but nothin of it annoys me but the passenger...
passenger of ktm.. well..
only to a certain of them.. not all...
dont u know that ppl are supposingly to be allowed to step out 1st..
not with ur big arse body comes squeezing trying to go through..
the whole coach is almost empty..
seat is alot but u so kiasu..
u took so many time ktm cannot sit meh?
the chair got gold meh?
ur name on it?
get a life dude..
stop squeezing through when ppl are coming out...

finals for my higher diploma is just next week...
hey, no stress man.. i'm just starting to warm up..
in the meanwhile.. partay ppl.. partay!!!!
due to my phone is still fixing..
my contacts is not with the "new" phone now..
hahaha.. sorry if i asked who are u guys!!

I believe things is not changing..
I just like the way it is..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friendship in my life is so important!
damn important..
i would not try to jeopardize any of it...
well at least i tried not too..

personally i do agree that this 4 things mention to me..
is the backbone of a friendship..
Honesty, Faith, Trust & Miracle..
dont really know what miracles do but wth la..
its the 4 important things..

I still hope that it does not changes anything...
they way we used to be...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today class did this Prawn Cocktail..
i'm still learning how to plate it in a creative way..
i do believe my brain is not so creative in this are..
but i have to improve.. must improve.. lol..

shoot some basketball at college today made me realize that..
its been awhile since i played..
my shots are all like shits...
perhaps i should practice more..

sometimes things just get into my nerves..
my freaking nerves..
and it did today!
no explanation... ciao!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life is so fragile..
Life is so intense..
Life is so addictive!

College! Everyone is already finished with TIS!
i'm done with it too.. but i havent hand it in yet..
still trying to complete my ITR now..
I'm sure i can finish it up in few more hours but..
haha.. i just felt so lazy..
I just wanne hug! hug! hug!

I guess i'm going crazy for just a lil while..
i need to release my brains from trying to work out so much..

I need to exercise..
more exercise perhaps..
Futsal!! Pool? haha..
PingPong perhaps...


I miss yoU(s)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BDH 30! TIS have to submit by 5pm tomoro or else GG liao!
hahaha.. its just a simple reminder for myself.. i need to rush 9 more pages of TIS and not forgetting the whole ITR which is part 1... its not good as the deadline is so so near man.. wth la.. lol...

Wednesday nite F&B practical was fun man,.
eat eat eat only.. like a glutton..
we have Beef! Chicken! & fruits!
it actually made me having stomach ache today!

I dint snap any pictures as it was a hands on..
busy cooking for myself to eat lare.. lol..
but my friends manage to snap some..
go head to facebook to look at the pics..
not much but just a few la.. lol..

But i personally just like this picture..
i dont know why but its nice...

owh btw guys!
my TIS submitting on Monday..
lol.. i got a merciful extention by Mr.Pierre..
i just love him.. Mr.Yes man.. hahahha...
this 3 days would be jjust more than enough for me.. hahahaha
thanks but still i will complete it asap!
war time is nearer.. lol..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Holiday are soo soo soooooo over for me...
the last trip was for few days to Kemaman..
i did stopped half the day at Kuantan.. to get something done..
something.. LOL!
it was nice though..

letting off fireworks..
homemade steamboat was best with the nice chili sauce..
fresh fish & mostly the best prawn u can ever get..
huge & fresh...

basically it was drinking from day 1 of chinese new year till the last day...
loads of beer & liqour.. this year less wine.. its kinda harmful mixing all three.. lol..

btw,.. another new member into the family..
just got it for 2 days already..
the name is


still small nia..