Thursday, February 26, 2009

FootyFutsal this week went well..
no bookings with KIA Motors anymore..
Reagan aka the organizer duwan go for the booking...
quite a number showed up but.. wth la..
injured last minute..? aahhaa..
i still play though..
juz some random pics

Mr.Reagan aka ORGANIZER
The futsal cutie of the day.. Reagan & Fat Jay...!!! =.="

not to mention in class..
horrible students.. omg omg.. haahaha
juz some candid shotz...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Listening to songs is only the other way to calm me down..
i juz felt that i'm so useless..
i had a so so morning & a great afternoon..
but the nite was totally.... DAMN!!!
what i prolonged for is still far beyond reach..
but but..
most human has its own weakness.. IMPATIENCE!!!

Go out driving in the middle of the nite..
cool air but it is as if i'm lost in sense of directions..
still problems will eventually arise..
we cannot run away from it cause...
MENs are not PERFECT!!

The goals in life are the 1 that is important..
but most of the time u might sway away a little..
I juz have the urge to post it up..
trying to get an invincible rock off my chest..


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Picture credits to Jay!
FootyFutsal 12/02/2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Paper with Drawing..!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A typical call to 103 to get phone numbers of other places (Footy Futsal)...

R=Reagan booking the futsal court...
I=Ivan the person asking direction..
Crowd=Wayne, Leo, Lai

R :Helo futsal?
KIA : yes?
R :I would like to make a booking? What time do u all close ah?
KIA :9 pm..
R :errr... 9? so.. what time can i book?
KIA : from 7-9
R : okie then 8 la..

R told a bunch of us that it closes at 9??
Futsal closes at 9..?? very funny...

We reach FootyFutsal to get the court.. mana tau...
no reservations.. check phone number not same..?? wtf..
call again say behind RHB Bank same lot as Fatty Crab..
as far as i noe is only 1 futsal court at Tmn Megah..!
we rush off towards Fatty Crab & call again..

I : helo saya tadi ya.. i skrang kat Fatty Crab.. ada dua Fatty Crab la.. mana satu..??
Crowd : one Fatty Crab only.. that 1 some village la..
KIA : U nampak it KIA ataupun pasaraya ka...?
I : ya ya ya.. itu la.. court mana ya..??
KIA : Court???????????????
I : ya la.. bangunan mana??
KIA : Kita tak ade bangunan la.. KIA Auto la...
I : ohh.. sorry sorry.. booking cancel.. salah nombor..

we were juz laughing off like mad man running back to FOOTYFUTSAL to get the real futsal court... hahaha.. we were laughing like mad cows.. even the guy at the counter at the futsal place laughing at us.. hahaha.. embarassing shity...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yes ppl.. it is here.. hahaha... kinda busy these few days...
i think doing nothing bout it.. lol...
the url for the FirE at LCS / Taylors PJ as promised...
Enjoy the BEST yet "BIG" FirE at Taylors PJ / LCS.. XD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Taylor's PJ is on FirE.. AGAIN!!

Venue: Leisure Commerce Square/ LCS/ Bali??
Time: Approximately around 2.40pm
Block: A something floor something la..

I dunno what really happen lar...
French Class was juz getting interesting.. hahaha...
Was amazed a bit lare... hahaha..
Source from my witness was..
  • we are still recording the video..
  • we were like ulu ppl nvr see FirE be4..
  • students of TCHT & TCPJ cheered the FirEmen who arrived..
  • i dint know we were that ulu sial...
  • did not expect the lecturer to come & chase us down..
  • some ppl were still having meeting nearby the FirE was..
  • we pose with the FirE trucks...
  • we did pose also for the police cars..
  • some FirEmen damn cool walking..
  • we concluded that air-cond compressor exploded..
  • weather of the day is hot-like-hell
  • i dunno who used foul-language inside the video..

The Main Star of the day was...

Sean who is always lost at first but found in the end...
Reagan who is posing in every pic..
Sunny also the other posing fella wid the crazy ideaz...
Shannon candid pic..
Lee(SOOMI) was juz random...
Jay was the other candid..
The Security Guard who is asking ppl to leave other way but they ignore him by going the other way.. lol...
LG & Xi Wern tried to be funny but failed miserally.. lol...
Wayne busy taking pictures as usual.. lol...

Video is being uploaded soon enuf...
Pls be patience enuf to view it.. ahahaha..
I'll update as soon the uploading process is done.. hahahaha...