Thursday, January 31, 2008

yeah.. happy n damn good outin..

lol.. more of this outing i'm so dead.. hahahaha.. sioa weh.. but nice la.. wish it will go on forever la... lolx.. em.. started wid dinner 1st wid pei wern n her sis n mom.. got home n then waited 4 pei wern to finish up.. hock ann was waiting there already.. ahahaha.. em.. then meeted up wid eu jin n all them.. then we headed to Maison.. reach there sharp 11 then i was told that my name wasnt in the reservation list.. wth..? book de but dun hav.. zzz... so we went in n search 4 tables.. walked up n down few time.. but dun have so i called my friend whos working in there... then he placed me at the bar juz to wait 4 a table.. at last at 12++ i got the table.. lolx.. hmmm.. not bad also la cause table quite long n wide enuf 4 the 10 of us.. lol..

drink drink n dance.. opened another bottle.. lol.. 1st bottle finished so fast siao siao weh.. hahaha.. chill.. started to mix wid others beside our table .. guess wad.. our primary school senior.. my gosh.. still remember some of us.. good memories wei.. lol.. drink n meet lots of new friends.. ahha.. all of the boys who r there in our group were trying to do some "fishing" including me la of course.. hahaha.. i was the first to get one.. lolx.. GG sial.. the 1st 1 i got was Chris, the girl selling vodka.. wuuwuwuwuuww... got phone number n stuff la of course.. cause i bought some of the vodka also.. hahaha.. friendly lo she.. part time working nearby my area.. lol.. GG.. hahaha.. then eu jin came n said to me.. "u gettin so vodka..?? or gettin the vodka girl..??" hahaha.. i replied both la of course.. XD XD.. then later on shared the table wid some other ppl casue they got no table.. ok wad.. they shared the liquors wid us.. good la.. fair.. hahhaa.. they got some hot chicks but.. all taken so juz friends la.. lol.. not fishing them all.. lol.. so i continued fishing a few more.. hahaha.. then hock ann i think i lead him the wrong was de.. following me fishin.. hahah.. crap..

kie la.. overall.. got new friends.. can find lots of ppl hanging out.. wait.. i even saw few of my friends.. lol.. seriously Maison is also packed wid Taylorians.. ahahaha... crap la.. helped Chris sold a few more vodka.. ahahaha.. helping her find mangsa to buy.. lol.. nice nice trip.. should go more often le.. XD.. hmmm.. due to unforseen circumstances .. we had to go back to Maison after it ended.. hmmm.. cheerer up ya.. em.. so send sean back home n pei wern n also hock ann who's motorcycle is parked at pei wern's house.. hmmm... i expected no 2 to be not asleep.. then.. i heard sum1 coming down from the stairs case.. CRAP..!!! my mother..! hmmm.. expected to be nagged when coming back from clubbin.. hmmm.. nagged me 4 sumtimes.. then she went to sleep.. the nagging lasted quite long also la.. zzzZZzz..

Anyway.. i really did enjoyed myself la.. seriously.. enjoyed n satisfactions.. lol.. then here i'm now to blog bout this post.. hehehe.. still not sleeping at 5am.. saio ah.. lol.. better get to slepp..


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

wad a day..

well.. looks like thursday's plan 4 gathering at maison had juz being cancel.. reason.?? lack of support.. OMG.. where the hell r u ppl's support 4 a gathering..?? zzz.. ok nvm.. thats fine.. maison cancel.. then i juz went out to corner pocket wid ken,wilson n mandy.. headin to mamak.. the last thing that i think would happen.. front car brake but still got lots of spaces in front of him.. i brake ok normal distance.. safe distance.. when i was juz about to let go my brake.. BANG!! wtF!!! stupid car behind me bang my rear.. zzz.. noob cars wid lousy braking system.. aiks.. i was lucky enuf to hold the brake pedal so that i dun bang the front car.. fuhhh.. but still.. i was banged from the rear la.. nvr try that be4.. screw u.. but i was screw back(u know by whom..) zzzZZz.. its such a wonderful day wid lots of life shits.. seriously this time..


been tagged though. sial..

Who was your last text from?

Where was your default picture taken?
sumwhere in Detroit.

What’s your FULL name?
Wayne Kang Eng Juan

Your current status?
errr.. hanging on the line..??

What is your current mood?

How old are you?

If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
Duhh!! HELL YEAH!! Long long time ago..

What’s your favorite color(s)?
note really sure le..

Ever had a near death experience?
yeap.. cause of myself..

Something you do a lot?
errr.. breath??

Who can you tell ANYTHING to?

Name someone with the same birthday as you.
No idea le..

If you could have one super power what would it be?
All the super powers.. lolx..

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Favorite season?
cold season..

Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
not really..

What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
nothin actually.. truly amazing..

What language do you speak?
Chinese(Cantonese, Mandarin), English, Malay and sumthin i guess..

Describe your life in one word.

Do you have any tattoos?

Who were the last person you hung out with?
errr.. pei wern,ron,tai wern,kenneth n hock ann..

What are you thinking about right now?
wad time is my next working shift.. lol..

What should you be doing?

Who was the last person that made you upset?
err.. no idea..

What are you listening to?
Bubbly-Colbie Caillat

Do you like working in the yard
not sure.. wad u think..?

Who is with you?
My God..

[Twenty- eight]
Do you act different around the person you like?
a little..

[Twenty- nine]
What is your natural hair color?
Black.. of course..

Last time you were really happy?
dont wanne recall bout it..

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy cRaP...

My badge.. should i take out the trainee..??

hahah.. guess today was a boring training i had la.. after Coffee House & Mezzanine Lounge which was so interesting n lots lots of things to learn... I was assign to Public Area.. my worst training which startin juz monday.. aiks.. sleepy n doing all the same things over n over makes me feel like sleep standing.. hahaha.. got a few new friends to help me ease my borrrinng-nesss.. lolx..

relaxing 4 quite awhile..


our own break time fest..

then finally.. my sleepin time.. dozed off awhile.. XD..

anyway today was my last day at Public Area..?? i was called to HR Department by Ms.Charmaine.. i taught there was sumthin serious that i did wrong or sumthin bad is going to happen to me.. but all those were juz taughts of my own.. hmmm.. upon reachin there she said "I'm transfering u to Premier Executive Lounge from tomoro onwards so u'll be missing ur training at Public Area,ok ah??" i was like.. SURE laaa NO PROBLEM ah.. ahhaha.. damn happy casue i wont be so boring anymore n guess wad.. i'm in Public Area 4 2 days only.. hahah.. my friends are going to kill me when they know this.. lol.. damn happy especially given this chance cause so many permanent F&B staff is available but she choose me.. whoo hooo... XD XD more practical in F&B.. no problem la.. hahaa.. so i'll be wearing coat serving ppl.. ahhaha.. weeee...

Mostly i'm juz looking 4 fun times around my training period cause so hard to get ppl out these days.. Got exam la.. at college la.. not free la.. but but.. i'm also the same la.. work lo.. aiks.. still looking forward 4 this thursday's gathering with some of the primary school friends.. hehehehe.. wee.. weee... go ppl go.. its a chance to catch back all the lost time together..

hmmm.. few days de feeling so sleepy.. guess i need to sleep early tonite.. thats the reason i blog this post so freaking early.. 8pm.. hahahahahahah.. anyway.. tomoro big big day.. Trainees life time experience.. lol..


Friday, January 25, 2008

weee.. updates at dawn..

LOLZ.. seriously la.. the time now is 6:26 am.. n i'm not asleep yet.. damn.. came back from work around 3++.. nice working at Mezzaine Lounge cause i can learn lots lots n lots of drinks.. hahaha.. barmen.. hmmm.. still got 2 more months to go 4 my training.. i wish i can stay at Mezzaine Lounge longer la.. the best so far.. aiks.. Public Area next.. erm.. i wonder wad Sham had in mind 4 me tomoro 4 my last dae..? lets hope it doesn't makes me suffer la.. lol.. sleepy de lo..

hmmm.. lets just say that life has to move on now.. i dint expect it to move on so fast.. the thing that i found out that it was totally way beyond my control n also it has already begun be4 it was ended.. i was like wtF..?? i'm being conned all my life.. being played..(as usual) screwed.. SIGH.. but it has nothin to do with me now.. not later nor ever..
Life just has to go on.. So do i.. So do i..

Thursday(31-01-08) gathering at Maison is on.. All ex-SKTS my batch pls attend la.. weeerrrn complaining got not enuf girls la.. seriously very little girl schoolmate i can recall.. lol.. jus a normal gathering to chill.. lol.. come come.. ahahha..

well.. i jus got my laptop reformated n repair.. which cost me 100++.. crap.. anyways.. original product price sure different la.. but lifetime ma.. not temporarily basis.. ahhaha.. but dota cannot play yet.. sien lo.. hahaha.. anyway.. ciaoz..

Thursday, January 17, 2008

these few days..

hmmm.. guess i'm too free la.. lol.. tomoro working noon so can stay up more late la.. lol.. more time to sleep.. hmm.. but i'm juz playin dota n eatin sum stuff.. XD crap.. wayne.. u gaining weight lo.. still eat.. ahhaha.. i'm eatin cheese biscuit,prawn crackers,ferrero rocher n drinkin 1 orange packet drink currently as i'm postin this.. sei lo.. every nite like this i'm gonne be fei chai lo.. siao meh.. hahaaha.. fw days working morning shift damn tiring.. like hardly rest cause a number of ppl had reservation.. damn.. 100++ pax every lunch.. damn tiring.. anyway,changing place de this coming monday.. going lounge.. which is more interesting.. lolx.. less work..

em, missing a person in life is so suffering.. damn i miss u too much de but life still have to go on.. take care always oo.. =p XD

well.. got new juniors joining my course n sum of them are my friends friends.. hahaha.. cant wait go back college for mamak la.. hahaha.. miss hanging out at mamak be4 class n after class too.. need wait 2 more month +.. i especially miss badminton la.. with reagan,faiz,sean,june,joanne,shae.. we muz hav the same plans 4 next term.. hahaha.. go eat chap fan,nasi lemak,cendol,AC,rojak n road trips.. lolx.. till then.. WORK..

Monday, January 14, 2008


hahaha.. nothin to post le.. got nothhin to post.. lolz.. hmmm.. juz been driving faster n faster these few days to training/work.. i dunno y but juz feeling so nice to press the pedal more.. hahaha.. die die.. early morning "fei cheh".. gg liao.. drive faster means faster but not so fast, but fast la.. ahahahz.. XD.. hmmm.. i hear my phone ring juz now.. i noe what dat means la.. yum cha.. but watchin movie so cannot go lo.. mayb tomoro le.. =p we'll c how.. emm.. back pain.. shoulder pain.. hand pain.. wa.. how do service oh.. sei le..

Sunday, January 13, 2008


ahhh.. here comes the 1st day of the week or should i say the last day of the week.. lol.. sunday.. as usual go CHURCH la.. nice place to head to.. hmmm.. today no training/work.. fuuuhh.. off day so ngam at sunday.. Thank God.. lolx.. em.. went church then after church went Damansara Specialist Hospital to visit my uncle.. admitted cause of sumthin la.. not really sure de.. anyway.. headed back n ate at restaurant nearby my house.. juz as i finish eatin, Amanda msg me.. hahaha..s he saw she saw mie so i was searchin searchin then i still cannnot find her.. hahaa.. she say she's in the car.. then i look look then only can see her.. hahaha.. i'm so slow la.. sorrie la.. old liao.. lolx.. XD anyways.. i wan play dota.. bubyes.. XD

Thursday, January 10, 2008


wth la really.. u kena dun stab me also la.. zzz... but the truth is no more already.. y muz also say my name out..?!? u're juz makin a bad impression out of urself.. can't u leave me alone ah..?? stop blaming me if ur scolded.. U know who U r.. the truth is really no more OK.. being so hurt is already enuf.. being stab summore makes matter worst.. aiks.. i nvr noe this will happen.. dint expect it from u.. zzZZzzzZzz.. NVR..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sien-ninG... ZZzzZZ

lol.. today sien douz.. hahaha.. i think i said sumthin wrong huh Arthur..?? lol.. wrong word to use.. sien=belanja ppl makan.. damn.. wrong answer.. lol.. tht's y la.. already say i'm not emo la.. juz boring n wanne go yum cha only lo.. kekekekzz.. call so many ppl but ended up 4 fellas and 1 more come sit 4 awhile.. zzzz.. aiyo.. played foosball wid arthur.. ahhahazz.. i won la okie.. only left two ball u win me only.. score still 3-2.. XD anyway.. juz 4 fun la.. not championship.. lolx.. then headed to LM(Leisure Mall) to wait 4 Jasmine n Amy.. ahahaha.. damn funny la.. arthur said eat "66" then i straight drive further a bit then outside maxis there got "66" so i stopped n eat lo.. hahaha.. He said he randomly said sumthin but i want to eat.. LOLX.. TemPtaTioN siaLLL.... then Amy came n ate two stick.. hahaha.. i paid la nvm la.. i was 'sien'that time.. lolx.. zha dous really la.. such a word to use.. then was supposingly to head to BRJ but since at LM, we headed to Samy Corner.. the drinks there are nice.. ahahaz.. so the 4 of us talked lots of crap.. i mean LOts n LotS of CRAP.. XD Jasmine as usual take ppl's phone n c c.. hahahaz.. hmm.. then came Kay Shaun 4 liek 15 minutes then we all went back.. hahaha.. I fetched Arthur back when suddenly Jasmine say fetch her go bus stop at LM.. she going round 2 yum cha.. OMG.. Jasmine.. i bring u yum cha u dump me.. XD XD anyway.. waited 4 her friends then i fetched Amy back.. then now here i am.. hmm.. seldom got chance to yum cha la.. lol.. nvm la.. still got next time.. erm.. oh ya.. Thank U Arthur 4 mamak.. lol.. next time on me la.. hahaha.. well.. i felt great today.. a bit tiring after hours of hard work but i know i havent LOST u yet.. lol.. Take Care ya.. all of u ppl too.. hahaha..

WaYnE signing out.. ...

Monday, January 7, 2008

yar la.. update..

hmmm.. i update la melody c.. lolx.. ppl busy ma.. not like u so many free time can onlime lo.. XD actually 2nd time i write this post.. 1st tiem got sum problem so deleted it.. screw it la.. aiks.. erm.. dunno la.. my mind is messy.. no time to make it all in order.. juz givin myself excuses to make it even more messsssyyyy... lol.. i wan go yum cha.. i wan go out.. i wan go watch movie.. i wan i wan i wan.. Want ur head la.. It will nvr happen again if i make things worst.. sien.. JUZ a longing heart to c wad happen next.. haih.. wth.. i was being stabbed in the back.. I know who is doing that.. screw YOU.. but the question being ask in not related to me anymore..
NOT ANYMORE LA.. zzZZzz... #*&@^%$^#*@*#!*$&!@#*&^*!^#$

Thursday, January 3, 2008

No more play play..

hmmm.. tomoro start my real training.. damn.. how i wish it could delay more la.. lolx.. but cannot la.. start early finish eeearly.. XD erm.. day 2 orientation.. juz realized that Ms.Charmaine said sumthin really make myself think hard.. "Communication Failure" or sumthin close to it la.. i noe got bout communication la.. i guess my communication in life is not very good ler.. always got failure.. damn big effect becasue of this n makes lots or should i say both parties unhappy.. well.. i had to get through it.. XD XD hmmm.. juz finish futsal.. Scored 3 wining goals wei which is all last minutes.. damn happy la.. no injuries today thank God 4 it.. =p.. anyway.. till then.. take care ppl..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


1st day for internship at Prince Hotel.. woke up at 7.. had to go early due to traffic congestion at my area n kl.. damn.. it took me 1 hour to reach Prince hotel which supposingly only takes me 20 minutes.. hahah.. anyway.. as i dont know wad time i should reach there i straight away went to the HR Department.. i was shock most of the trainees n other new staff are there waitin.. well.. i'm suppose they to dont know wad time it starts.. lolx.. then our Training Manager Ms.Charmaine lead us to the training room.. she started off wid " theres coffee n tea over there.. dun be shy, help urself." hmmm.. coffee provide.. but i dint take it cause i'm lazy to walk off my place.. then ppl started to show up n the briefing started.. guess wad..??? in between there was a break where sum light food was served n also fruits.. hahah.. Ms.Charmaine say this is a light breakfast.. lol.. then continued briefing till lunch at cafeteria.. my gosh.. food again.. hahaha.. Went back the training room to have a rest while sum ppl went to bank to open their bank account which cause them to be late for the next briefing almost 1 hour.. haha.. then.. again.. foods come in.. this time.. pizza n nuggets.. again we are on the eatin spree again.. =.="
Ms.Charmaine was the 1 rushin the kitchen 4 the foods.. i guess she's hungry.. XD.. but in fact is 4 us to fill our stomach.. lolx.. She a great person though.. Doesnt like ppl callin her Ms.Charmaine.. but i call her that only wid Ms in a softer tone so she doesnt hear it.. hahaha.. She's also a so called "PREFECT" of Prince Hotel.. Be well groom or else she'll shout at u.. hahaha.. such a "PREFECT".. lol.. well.. ended all those then waited 4 Jasmine Ng at KLCC cause she wanne 'tap shun fung ceh' back home after home.. lazy girl.. hahaha.. but but.. nvm la.. such long friends de.. i dun mind.. lolx.. went home dinner.. gosh.. today i ate damn lot wei.. dangerous..(no pic allowed.. all P&C) hahaha.. then now here i'm sittin down in front of my laptop to publish this post.. sumthin's bothering me still.. Thinkin back of 2007.. Christmas Eve.. New Year's Eve.. screw myself for all of that.. arghh.. till then.. juz myself..

To all my friends.. Good Luck in ur Training ppl.. come back proud.. lolx..


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008..

Happy New Year ppl.. hahah.. hmmm.. bout new year's eve.. can't blog up due do unforseen circumstanses.. lolx.. but it was a heck of a time.. fun fun.. the journey there, the speeding.. hahaha.. i'm safe no worries.. but it was fun especially going to get Eugene's car parked at his fathers office.. haha.. every1 speeding like crap juz to get there 1st.. but guess wad..?? I was the 1st to reach.. hahaha.. ppl.. dont be like me speeding.. not good 4 ur health n also ur pockets.. XD
well.. spectacular view n had a great time.. i bid farewell to those especially my group mates who r in penang 4 their industrial training... C u guys in 3 month time.. Crap.. tomoro startin intership wid Prince Hotel in KL.. but but.. i dont know wad time i should be there.. the HR Department is on public holiday and they are only back to work tomoro.. hahah.. great.. i should've call earlier.. hahha.. i'm so dead.. till then i dunno got time to blog.. but i will update it more often.. lolxx..

Happy New Year peeps.. Hope 08 rocks our lifes more..