Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anyway.. this is Criston! the super duper cute baby...

I'm begining to feel that Tenji is not nice already...
mayb its too frequent visits..
still.. i had a nice sushi dinner the day after Tenji..
its homemade and what i call freeflow sushi!

CNY is so so only la this year.. nothing much really to do though...
seems a bit siens la.. but hope it gets better though... LOL!
visitors to my house during midnight was...
Kit.. His other half Sarah..
lastly the majestic Puan Sri Amanda Low..
was late for 2 hours eh? wait till i sleepy but now wide awake... zzzzz
she just came for the Heineken only.. nothing else...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Firstly.. i would just like to wish everyone a Blessed Chinese New Year & Belated Valentines Day! as usual valentines day i spend the time with family.. hahha.. it falls right on the eve and i had reunion dinner so.. like that lo.. haha.. what i normally will do is have dinner and lepaks around to wait for them to pray.. i dont pray but i just look on and snap some pics.. haha..

what does CNY contains most? haha.. its impossible to be lack of this kind of stuff.. i think it can be said as Free Flow!

and also presenting my niece Eunice Kang! she just past 1 years old and adorable.. hahahaha

Lastly wishing all my friends a Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year! a pic to go along with the holidays...