Monday, February 25, 2008


juz a simple update to my blog.. LOL..

busy la.. actually not.. juz sumtimes quite lazy due to my router always disconnecting.. i really hate it when it disconnect whne i playin game or chattin halfway.. so sumtimes i also lazy to blog up due to this.. but today was working superbly fine.. hehehe.. working in front office makes me get to noe more n more different types of ppl.. all around the world.. sum are simply.. sum are fussy.. lol.. but all together is was good.. good experience n can help a lot.. more to interactin with ppl.. hmmm.. my training in FO will end this month.. so i got few more days to go.. then it shall be kitchen.. argghh.. mayb its the most tiring dept.. who noes.. lolx..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my daily life..

hmmm.. going through usual daily life.. feel so boring la.. lol.. today finished worked was supposed to head to Fireball for pool but instead went to play basketball.. picked up ah kitz when i saw kaylee's mom car.. i parked then straight went up kitz house.. lol.. juz to c that adorable n cute kaylee.. of course i carried her for awhile.. hahaha.. i realized she loves to sleep alot.. lol.. hmmm.. then went home to change n headed straight.. after playin as usual go 4 mamak.. have my dinner there.. lol.. 11+ only had my dinner.. cham.. carmen was there too.. but not with us.. lolx.. then started to rain so we dashed to the car after payin then droped kitz at his house.. hmmm..

I miss college..
I miss college mamak..
I miss hanging at college's mamak..
I miss badminton..
I miss classes..??
Basically i miss my college life..

Hanging out with bunch of friends.. crapping around.. talkin stuffs.. lol.. but i still have less than 1 more month 4 my industrial training.. i bet i will miss sum departments when i go back college.. then i will complain to go back 4 industrial training.. lolx.. thats wat most ppl will have the kind of thinking.. ahahha.. normal la.. no doubt..

I dint regret choosing the course..
I'm enjoying my course..
I'll study smart 4 this..
I'll excel n graduate from this course..
I'll be a Hotelier then..(I guess)

wakakaka.. i cant really wait to go back to college.. juz 1 more month.. more new ppl that time.. new intake means more new chicks huh..?? lol.. JK.. more juniors.. XD.. confirm more new friends.. lol..

Friday, February 15, 2008

past two days..

Chor 8..

As usual every year will be held at my grandmothers place.. i dont join them 4 the praying ceremony but i only join because of the food.. ahaha.. loads of foods but the main attention is at the pig.. every year 3 pig.. ahhaha.. whole bunch of hungry ppl waitin 4 it to be cut n eatan.. lol.. but first.. we had lots n lots of beer n also Absolut Pear.. hahah.. no ice, no mixers.. neat sial.. damn gg all.. my cousin was drunk.. hahha..

yea.. n the whole bottle finished neat.. lol.. damn.. wish there were more.. ahahha.. well.. my cousin were challenging my eldest aunty to drink but was the 1st 1 to be drunk.. hahaha.. had a lot of fun times.. the best part was while the pig was in the proses of being choped into pieces.. lol.. i couldnt wait so i juz took the whole rib by myself to enjoy.. ahahha..

ahhaha.. big leh.. lol.. after that we drink more beer till the was no left.. not really finished stock but only left 1 carton which was not cold.. warm beer sucks..! ahaha.. it was already 3++ when i left my grandmothers place.. went home pack stuffed n bath.. i sat down ate a lil more then watch tv.. hahaha.. fell asleep then my mother wake me up to go up sleep.. it was already 5++.. hahaha..

well.. today woke up 3.30 due to tired-ness.. lolx.. watch tv series then went out to secret recipe to pick up a cake.. Fiber Cheese cake..?? seriously.. it is so damn healthy cake.. omg.. lol.. well.. then headed to The Legend Hotel to have dinner wid my other cousin family.. ahhaha.. Shirley was there too.. joinin us together.. she say she is also a part of Ng wors.. hahaha.. Chen=Ng.. lolx.. hmmm.. we ate a lot.. lots n lots of sushi.. ahahha.. oyster too.. sorry ppl no pics cause i forgotten to bring camera n also was busy eatin.. hahaha.. the headed to my cousin's condo to hang out 4 awhile n ate the Fiber Cheese caake.. yucksss.. Shirley dint even finish it.. lol... neway.. fun day.. two days in a row.. mayb tomoro is also like this.. lol.X...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DAWN.. a lil update..

lol.. updated..

ahaha.. yesterday.. siennesss.. work form 12-8.. was stationed at 10th floor.. Fitness Centre/Kids Club/ boring place.. hahaha.. i was like looking 4 sumthin to do.. damn.. juz talked n sit the whole day while the air cond is freezing my foot only.. wth..?? ahahha.. especially the last 3 hours seems like 6 hours.. slowly the time moves by.. hmmm.. sien lo.. so i did took a pic.. wait ah.. hahaha..

at the Fitness Centre..

hmmm.. thats me in my FO uniform.. em.. okie la.. not bad.. ended work then i straight away changed my clothes n dash 4 my car to head home.. lol.. hungry ma.. then here i am now..

Valentines day post.. this year valentines day.. i got two dates which is alcohol n beer.. hahaha.. they shall accompany me tonite.. lol.. weee.. cant wait.. its late now n i got nothin to do la.. cant sleep yet.. still wide awake.. jux finish eatin my 2nd mee-in-cup.. everynite also eatin junk food n drinking soft drinks..?? ahahha.. i juz weight myself today.. guess wad..? no longer 60 de.. 70++.. wth..??!? i guess i hav to cut down on junk foods late at nite huh..?? LOL..

still my heart is there.. 2 years ago.. its been long.. long long time ago.. guess not huh..??? after all i've been through.. sigh.. how i wish i can turn back time.. PERFECT IT WILL BE..!!

Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year...!!

Lin Chor Yat-Day 1..
At my grandmothers house..
and this is my grandmother.. hehehe..

hmmm.. pics of my mother,Terry n mE..

mE n Terrance weirding..??

last but not least my cousin bro who is gettin married soon.. lol..

hmmm.. chinese new year means lots of money coming in huh..?? lol.. ang pow come come le.. hahaa.. well.. like this pic of my cousins gf.. lol.. so happy receiving angpow..hahaha..

then my younger bro n other cousin Terrance happily eatin away..

hmmm.. not much pic taken cause busy drinking.. hahah.. my jeans sucks cant put the camera.. lol.. nvm la.. enuf de.. ahahah..

Chor Yi went to Happy Garden 4 lunch at my aunts condo.. then we all headed to Damansara then towards Kepong as usual.. sat there n ate summore junk foods.. lol.. GG la.. so much foods.. hehehe.. em.. then headed to Kota Damansara 4 dinner.. not bad also la.. but the food too much.. guess every1 had too much of junk foods huh..?? lol.. headed back lo then straight away.. cause i need to work next morning.. lol.. tired but still have to go lo.. ahahha..

Changed department de today as at 11th FEB to Front Office(FO).. was put into the Operator room 4 1st day.. haha.. quite fun also la.. as u juz need to pick up the phone n transfer calls.. lol.. then requested 4 leave summroe la 4 chor 8.. in chrge was Ms.Rachel.. so i asked her n she says ok la.. hehehe.. damn good la she.. hmmm... tomoro to Business Centre again..?!? hahaha.. well.. runing broke during CNY..?? possible la.. ang pow is to keep la.. lol.. not use.. so have to spend wisely la.. lol..


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review of 2007..

hmmm.. guess wad.. i'm so free that i' reviewing back 2007.. ahahhaa.. lots of crappy stuff to talk bout.. errr.. guess i have lots of happy times n sad times during the whole duration.. i ws thinking back the other nite which makes me eager to publish this post.. hmmm.. sad time i had my friends with me together to make me laugh n forget bout it.. Thanks ppl.. clubbin was fun too last year.. lots of function there.. lots of memorable stuff to remember but sum i had juz to erase it from my mind..

dint know it would had an effect on me or would i say its like a curse.. different kind of excuses each time.. but when i'm around.. aiks.. sad case.. today i went to church n was touched by the song that was sang.. it makes me think back more n more bout last time.. i had tears in my eyes but i did not shed it out.. it really makes me think where i really get all the patience.. not every1 knew bout it.. only a few.. but.. the truth is still there.. God knows wad is happening.. HE has HIS ways n i will follow it.. no objections.. the only thing i can do is juz c wad happens..

a little emo but i' ok.. normal for Wayne la.. LOLX.. hmmm.. I juz hope we could be more like last 2 years huh..?? i do still care... jz that not in an obvious way.. i dont know y but its juz an expression wid lots of thinking..

Think WAYNE Think..