Sunday, June 29, 2008

KNS lo..
Tomoro the 30th June 2008..
my training starts at 2.30pm..
Planet Hollywood..

Pls do not come & visit me..
I'm having my training ok.. lol..
Work work work..
Dunno how many hours a day..
for sure 6 days a week.. lol..

It means i wont be updating that regular i guess..
So do take care all..

Here's a lil piece of advice from me..


Friday, June 27, 2008

My Rewards..!

I'm gonna make full use of this.. lol..

new surf pants.. O'NEILL

Godiva chocolates.. OMG.. expensive for juz small box of choco..

All of this thanks to my bro cause he bought all this when he returned.. I was the "ah mat" fetchin him without my mothers knowledge.. Suprised my mom.. lol..

I got terrible stomach ache..!! *%#@%#*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seeing a person cry may touch my heart..
Seeing u cry breaks my heart..

Monday, June 23, 2008

I wan to online ler.. lol..

stremyx damn GOOD
already few days.. aiks..
terpaksa use other ppls wireless..
only today can connect..

well.. term 4 has come to an end..
examn no more..
planet hollywood got extra trainee..
Disaster will be at planet hollywood.. JK..!!

1 week holiday and todays the only begining..
i feel so sien de..
supposed to go down seremban but dint manage..
i'll go for rojak tomoro.. kekeke..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Its time for facts bout MYSELF..

Fact #1
I'm Wayne..

Fact #2
19 years old..

Fact #3
I'm already fat.. lol..

Fact #4
I'm not tall enuf..

Fact #5
I love my God, Family & Friends..

Fact #6
u Screw me up i screw u upside down..

Fact #7
Friends are important..

Fact #8
i live to eat not eat to live..

Fact #9
I love driving so much..

Fact #10
I love drinking too..

Fact #11
I can be a listener if u think i could..

Fact #12
i Study hard but play even harder..

Fact #13
I had a few minor accidents and 1 major accident..

Fact #14
I like going out lor..

Fact #15
I have more facts to share la... XD..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guilty or Innoccent..?

If u ever did a mistake..
juz once only..
will u be guilty forever..??
even u tried hard to change..

This type of mindset..
I'm speechless..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

last practical class we are gonna have for term 4.. Mr.Vinesh.. ur the best lecturer.. as for us.. we have sparkling juice which we used to serve the guest dig from our own pocket.. lol.. mind my language.. lol.. em.. industrial training.. Planet Hollywood.. juz me and nikki.. kekeke.. two to 3 months.. gg la.. term 5 muz work harder... aiyo..

Look out Point.. an ideal place to hang out.. it has a cool temperature.. lol.. i juz love the place very much.. kekeke..

Sunday, June 8, 2008


1 thing i learn in life is.. Life is unpredictable.. seriously..

when things seem to go the rite way..
the next thing u noe..
its nvr the rightpath..

No use of being emofied.. lol.. frustration usually take place but hey.. cheer up in life ler.. it always have the solution to it.. in the end.. neither side will win nor lose.. juz a draw will do.. hmmm.. ups n downs.. straight or bend.. get through it with the believe that is ok..

well.. Every1 is selfish.. do u ppl agree..?? ya mayb some of them is lil more selfish but so wads the big deal.. but different ppl different kind of view.. so there's nothing much to be so scared about.. as for me.. i wont get hurt that easily.. not boosting.. but the truth only.. i'm juz trying to state that i wont mind if u're lil more selfish for urself..

hmmm.. post.. post.. Roxy Summer Splash.. bad management.. zzz.. the line was so bad that the whole place was crowded.. omg.. pushings.. shoutings.. zzz.. lucky me.. i still get the first 1000 goodie bag.. kekeke.. it a free event.. so the management should be prepared 4 big crowds wad.. till 6 sumthin also the escalator is so packed.. wth really.. going out is also the problem..

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What a week...

this week.. goods & bads.. ups & downs.. but mostly damn good.. kekeke.. i'll let the pictures do the talking..
my new laptop..

then.. MMC & MyviX inter TT..

Terrengganu oil rig...
The Dinner..

lastly.. the bill.. lol..

good week.. but but.. damn.. petrol price increase again.. zzz.. 78 cents.. from RM1.92 till RM2.70.. siao ah.. damn dumb.. i go pump.. ngam ngam increase.. i guess for my myvi full tank will go up till RM90.. i'm so duped..

my life is being lighted again.. so bright this time.. so i hope it will continue.. till an never ending pathway..

siao siao siao

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

yes.. updates.. i know.. lol.. too much has been going on this week.. assignments & assignments & assignments.. juz 1 more month till my next industrial training.. my next stop.. Planet Hollywood.. i was accepted in to do training wid Nikki.. only the both of us choose there.. lol..

my family went up to terrengganu for holiday while i'm at home.. i need attend class ok.. lol.. feel kinda sick.. em.. all by myself at home.. hahaha.. well.. tomoro college should be a shorrt day.. juz 1 class only i guess.. dinner.. EL Cerdo.. wid my family.. i will update when i finish my dinner there.. so.. juz hope that i remember to bring my camera along... lol..

this month.. loads of stuff going on.. aiks.. finals round the corner.. study study study.. muz be a good boy.. lol.. no outing.. stay home study.. lol..