Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wokay... i back froom holidays....
havent been updating the blog..
still havent get all the pics & lazy to transfer from the camera...

Sat celebrated kenneth's 21st birthday...
BBQ with also some mihun & curry chicken...
the 21st goal was achieved..
he's drunk & high...
thats what a birthday boy must get eh?

Niagara Falls was awesome..
u pay to get bath... LOL!
it was so cooling & the night is freezing...
we walked outside at nite for only 15 minutes then we took the car to drove around.. lol.. funny sial...
hmmm... its a place you should go..
i personally do like the 1st picture.. hahaha

I'm back here & still waiting for my Degree intake on July!
another month or so to go? damn..
hmmm... mayb i should start doing researches..
exercise more?
eat more?
yum cha more?
aiyo.. it could get reallly bored the whole day at home.. hahahahha

Your the sparkles in my life right now..
wonder how long will it last??

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