Wednesday, May 5, 2010

firstly.. I'm back at Michigan now! hahaaha..
Driving to Chicago tomoro..
& just got back from Canada..

I 1st time i'm at Michigan was to attend my bro's Graduation..
This is his wings.. Flying Wings!

My elder brother Wilson - The Graduate & official jobless guy..
His GF Cheryl Chua...
He needed a lil help in getting his tie on.. hahaha...
while my father looked on..

all these while here i'm just eating my way around..
i think its better compared to KL though.. hahahha
big portion.. but i cant finish it..
have to tapao! aahahahha

Head on to Canada - CN Tower! went up at nite thou so dint take much pic there...
not bad.. hahha
in the pic Cheryl is trying for a jump shot.. hahaha
i actually wanted to get the tower from a distance...
Casa Loma the castle..
its want in one of the rooftop tower..
the stairs is so steep.. hahaha
just trying to take a random pic!

thats all so far.. might just extend my stay thou but still deciding!
hmmm... heading Chicago then Dallas the next day..
Shopping or just eating?? hahahha

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